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Royal Rajputi Gold Jewellery Design With Images

Adding a Rajputi jewellery set to your traditional outfit screams ” Royal” It can be your go-to mantra for becoming the show stopper in any function you attend!

The regal charm of Rajputana Jewellery has stood the test of time. It continues to enchant women of all ages. And it’s no wonder why – as an ornate and elaborate adornment, a Rajputi jewellery set can instantly elevate any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

But do you think you know enough about Royal Jewellery? Well, if you don’t, then we are here to take you to the world of Rajputana  Jewellery:

The Enchanting and Regal Rajputi jewellery:


Bajuband is rajputi jewellery

Made of gold and precious gems, Bajuband is a traditional piece worn on the biceps and is a must-have accessory for any occasion. Rajputi jewellery design has always been associated with luxury and culture; the Rajasthani bajuband is no exception. Whether you’re attending a wedding or a formal event, this piece will make you stand out.



If you want something elegant and unique, Bangadi is a perfect choice. This beautiful piece of jewelry is made from gold and features detailed patterns that will catch everyone’s attention. So, add some extra style to your simple bangles; this jewellery is worth considering.


Hathphool is a beautiful piece worn on the hand and features a gold ring and a large flower adorned with intricate Meenakari work on a gold base. The ring is connected to the rest of the piece with a beautifully crafted chain, making it elegant and unique.

Gold Chudiya (Bangles)

One of the most iconic pieces of Rajputi jewellery is the gold chudiya or bangles. These come in different varieties and are a must-have accessory for any special occasion. Not only do they add grace to your outfit, but they also symbolize the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.


Aad is a  Rajputi jewellery set that women have adored for centuries. Typically square or rectangular, the Aad is made with Kundan and adorned with several strings of gold that tie the necklace together. It’s no wonder it remains a favorite among Indian women, both young and old.


punchi rajputi jewellery

If you want to make a statement with your accessories, there’s nothing like a Punchi. This Rajputana Armlet or Bracelet is a true masterpiece, made of gold, gems, pearl, and other precious materials that shine and sparkle with every movement.


A  royal Rajputi jewellery that is truly a work of art is the Kanthi set. The intricate details of this set are truly mesmerizing, with its base of vibrant red fabric adorned with carefully crafted gold beads and other gems. The Meenakari work adds a layer of beauty to this already stunning piece.


Regarding the new Rajputi jewellery set, can any look be complete without the statement Choker Timaniya? The answer is a resounding no! This exquisite piece of jewellery is a must-have in every woman’s collection. Featuring uncut colorful diamonds, this choker is perfect for elevating the overall look of your outfit. So, if you want to add a touch of royalty to your ensemble, then the Choker Timaniya is what you should definitely go for.

Raani Haar

Rani Haar necklace from gold Rajputi jewellery is a stunning piece is a true masterpiece. As one of the most prized possessions in the Rajputi Jeweller’s collection, this waist-long necklace will turn heads and make a statement wherever it goes. With its heavy weight and impeccable design, Rani Haar adds a new dimension to traditional Indian jewelry.

Kaanbali or Jhaale

Kaanbali or Jhaale earrings are a must to add a royal look to any outfit. These golden jhumka earrings are adorned with Kundan or Meenakari work, featuring elegant antique designs.

Rakhdi Rajputi jewellery

Rajputi Rakhdi, a jewellery piece made of Kundan and gold. This magnificent piece is often found in bell-like or spherical shapes, exuding elegance and royalty.

Nath Rajputi jewellery

Whenever you watch a movie that takes back to the time of Kings and Queens, you may notice that the lead actresses are seen flaunting the Rajputi gold jewellery design on a piece of jewellery- Nath. It is a statement nose ring crafted carefully with floral motives Pearl and kundan that adds elegance and a regal look to your outfit.


Talking hair accessories that add charm to your look are the unique Rajasthani Mang Tikkas One such accessory that stands out is the Rajasthani Borla. This forehead ornament, also known as Mang Tikka, adds a touch of elegance to any traditional attire. Its distinct bell-shaped design sets it apart from the usual flat ones, making it a popular choice among women who want to make a statement.


Sheeshpatti is definitely Royal Rajputi jewellery that has been quite popular for a while now. Alia Bhatt did full justice to this elegant jewellery piece by wearing it with her bridal outfit and making a statement that is going to be embraced by brides for years. It is made with gold or silver jewellery with small gems or pearls worn on the head like a headband.


A piece of Rajputi Rajasthani jewellery is the perfect blend of pearls and jewels that sit on your head like a crown. This luxurious hair accessory is crafted with multiple borlas, making it a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of glamour to their outfit. So, whether you are attending a wedding or want to feel like a queen for the day, the MathaPatti is a perfect choice.


These stunning pieces of anklets hold great significance in Rajasthani culture and are made with different stones and silver paired perfectly with heavy skirts. As one walks, the tinkling sound of the payal is music to the ears, adding an extra dash of charm to any outfit.


Bichiya is one of the most popular pieces that complete the bridal look. This traditional jewellery is usually crafted in silver base, and adorned with colorful gems, creating a stunning contrast against the bride’s skin. The two small rings are worn on both middle toes, signifying the bride’s married status.


Whether it is a wedding or a festival, an elegant and royal Rajputi jewellery set adds more splendor to the graceful you. So, if you are looking for that extra touch of elegance and grandeur, look no further than this timeless piece of jewellery. Go and shop for a statement piece of jewellery now!

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